Spaller Glover | The Bouldin Castle – Library Addition
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The Bouldin Castle – Library Addition

About This Project

And the kingdom continues to grow….

This was no small undertaking- a new basement bar, a ground floor library and a second floor bedroom with large balcony.  With the prime directive of  “ do something that will blow me away.”

At first glance, one notices that this addition is slightly skewed to an obtuse angle from the body of the old church part-instead of the expected 90degree or right angle.  The doorway to the library is a wide steel arch.  This is perhaps one of our most dramatic interiors we have ever embarked on;  and we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do the interior décor as well;  which helped inform the whole project. It is perhaps the very best way for us to build; though admittedly it can cause some serious frenetic brain activity.

The ceiling trim is a 4 step, elongated hexagonal, coffering adorned with finials and rescued corbels along the side.  The detailing in this ceiling is nothing short of astounding. The floors are a parquet walnut. The fireplace is a locally sourced honey combed limestone adorned with air plants.

In the middle of the fabulous walnut parquet  a large glass floor serves as a sort of carpet for the main seating area. The transparency creates a visual connection the downstairs bar. The custom made window doors with the large wood- x and glass flank the north and south sides.  To the east three figured gothic windows are the first to receive the morning sun.  The spiral staircase with it glass treads and carved steel risers give an experience unlike anything else and a great vantage of where one  is going.  The visual response one takes in is that of an opulent transparency, a glassine delicacy and a heightened awareness of what is outside, below and above yourself.  It is the room of consciousness.  Skip the yoga, get a glass of wine, start a fire, queue up the stereo, plop down on the tufted couch- chakras will then line themselves up.

Upstairs there is the sweetest of bedrooms; it is pure fantastical delight.  An homage to playfulness, folly and imagination.  The parquet flooring is Peruvian walnut and ash and this three dimensional pattern is created by 80 pieces per square foot! The bathroom is closeted to look like an old Napoleonic armoire. The shower is made of glass and steel and perched over the spiral staircase the view from the shower looks straight down the spiral staircase- a further demonstration of the transparency and openness of this addition, and of course this bed room has no door, nor does it need one as it is quite remote from the bustle of the castles main areas.     The closet is made to look like an old steamer trunk.  Key hole windows over the art nouveau bed look out onto the balcony.