Spaller Glover | The Bouldin Castle – Kitchen Addition
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The Bouldin Castle – Kitchen Addition

About This Project

The castle required a larger kitchen, not so much for the new owner’s culinary prowess but rather,  as noted earlier- that’s where the party happens!  Humans generally seem drawn to the cooking pot, to the early stews of humanity, the cauldron, to whatever food related-it’s the most comfortable space.   And it helps that that’s where the wine fridge is.

The kitchen has an appearance of a converted conservatory with 3 walls completely glazed from the countertops up. This did not allow for any upper cabinetry though with the custom cabinets we were able to place all of the necessaries in the low drawers- plates, bowls, glasses etc.  The final product was a kitchen that has a panoramic view of the courtyard, the formal garden and the life sized chess set- and it is very functional.

During the day the onyx countertop show a green swirl of the sedimentary stone in dramatic detail; an almost primordial soup of lime green, copper, milk white are displayed from this layered stone -sourced from caves deep inside Pakistan. At night the kitchen takes on mysterious luminescence as the countertops are under lit and the light shines through the opaque green onyx.  With the glass windows surrounding 3 walls of the kitchen the luminescent countertops radiate the most mysterious and warming amber light.

The kitchen island  is one solid massive slab from a naturally fallen live oak tree.  Counting the rings revealed that this tree had been a small tree when Christopher Columbus arrived on our shores and survived Texas droughts, heat waves and rare snow storms.  Instead of withering away in a field the table top should live on for centuries more. The live oak is so dense that it chewed up saw blades and weighed over 400lbs.

The appliances are comprised of a Bertrezzoni 6 burner range, a 48” subzero fridge, Miehle dishwasher and a monogram microwave- just in case anyone did want to cook.