Spaller Glover | The Bouldin Castle – Carriage House
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The Bouldin Castle – Carriage House

About This Project

The Carriage house is part of the Bouldin Castle complex.  After we sold the castle and packed our trunks and cleared the stables the new owner sought out to expand the kingdom by building the “Carriage house”.    It houses vehicles on the first floor garage and hosts guests in the 2 bedrooms on the second floor.  The exterior is a complement to the castle with the same ‘flat stacked” limestone sourced from the same area as the castle.  However, slight designs changes were implemented to the exterior to set it apart from the castle itself.  The intent was a structure that would not exactly match, but coordinate: giving the appearance to have been built in a different era or by a different builder.   Typical with castles and old buildings there are obvious differences as sometimes the buildings are modified and added to over the course of 1oo’s of years.

On the outside the corners are distinctively different from that of the castle  as we used cornerstones or quoins.  The roof line is a crow-stepped gable whereas the roof of the main castle portion is flat and crenulated.   We reused the old cedar timbers from the original structure to form up the balcony and it’s joinery is reinforced with manila rope.

The wide plank floor and the molding are locally sourced pecan.  The trim inside was milled with the live edge  (or wane) adding to the rustic charm of this most ample guest house.    With the exposed large timbers ,  templar inspired steel brackets  and the pounded zinc countertop- a slight industrial, or machine feel, is present.  The kitchen is efficiently laid out and has a sizable island and bar area.  The countertops are a honed silver travertine limestone and the appliance package is all Viking.

The bathrooms are well appointed with the hall bathrooms laid with encaustic tile and a shower stall discretely tucked away in a niche to the right.  The other bed room is en suite and the bathroom has a gorgeous stainless steel and porcelain soaking tub.  Peacock blue patterned encaustic floor tiles and a fabulous carved wood mirror ties all the texture, whimsy and regality into one divine bow.

All the light switches are push button, a throwback to the early days of electricity- and because we think they are cool.