Spaller Glover | Modern Louge
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Modern Louge

About This Project

A single story U shaped house that wraps around a center courtyard. The 3 sides that face the courtyard are comprised of glass, and a glass and concrete water feature completely encloses the central courtyard. As the morning sun rises the house basks in the soft light and the courtyard’s green grass appears as almost a green dewy carpet – inviting the bare of foot. The hall way wraps around the courtyard and offers a nice promenade when walking around the house. Additionally there is a back courtyard with a stone patio for a more formal outdoor seating arrangement. The front and back courtyard are both visible from the kitchen and its large center island. The house is a 3/2 with 12 foot cielings and its large expansive white walls lend itslef to displaying great pieces of art.

Design, Landscape Design