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Barcelona Modern

About This Project

Barcelona Modern – A tribute to early modernism.

Stoic monumental minimalism with touches of Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and timeless craftsman ship. (Does that make any sense to anyone, besides us? ) This house was first conceived like most great houses- on a napkin; and after subsequent fine meals accompanied by the second to the cheapest wines on the menu- The napkin drawing grew more detailed. The notes, while illegible to most, became the script for this marvelous home.

Clad in polished concrete stone this house stands strong and statuesque. The large round windows punctuate the walls in an almost ardent response to the right angle geometry of the stones, the mortar seams, and the building itself. These round windows capture a vantage often unseen, one that frames the view in a circle as opposed to the more traditional square or rectangular. The result is a softened view, a vantage that takes into account the fluid sense of image, the forgiveness of the curve, and the shape of one’s own eyes.

Inside, the house continues with the early modernist approach. On entering one notices the large steel factory style doors that were fabricated on site. The chevron oak floors, once commonly used in Europe, are tedious to install, but uncommon here, and therefore great! The custom trim has an Art Deco feel as do the casements of the doorways, and the baseboard throughout the house. In the kitchen space which opens up to the living room there are the striking arabascado marble island, countertops and backsplash. The appliance package is a gourmet’s dream-Wolf 6 burner, Subzero Fridge, and an Asco dishwasher. And with it’s central position in the house- it serves as the hearth, or central family spot, or in this case- where the party happens.

Sadly, today’s tendency with modernism is a movement too often confused with; quirkiness, repurpose, and frugality. And now, with so many ‘modern’ houses being derivatives of one another; the staleness is setting in, the cheese is turning (is it even modern anymore?)

In this house, while not an exercise in cheap, we did have a budget to mind, and we were able to execute a number of original ideas. With our in house labor, we are able to give the appearance of a house rich in design, bursting of craftsmanship, and , most importantly- heeded the budget. We fabricated all the steel doors and the long clerestory window. The gorgeous spherical soaking bathtub was formed and made on site. And countless other things we could go on and on about, but we realize we’ve already lost the reader’s attention by now; according to Rhodes- our website guru.