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Inspired Collaboration

aboutus_picBoth Ivan Spaller and Priscilla Glover worked in various aspects of construction and project management throughout their careers before joining forces in 2005. Their work is heavily influenced by both Spaller and Glovers European roots, where craft, construction, and design are sacred.

Priscilla Glover, raised in Austria, grew up privy to the opulence of the Hapsburg palaces and the majestic Alpine landscape (ask about the Sound of Music house). Priscilla has also spent time living in New York, London and Paris learning to dress fancy.

Meanwhile, Ivan Spaller, raised in Italy, woke up to ancient Roman walls and fortified medieval villages. Then on to Turkey, as a young man, Ivan shuttled through bazaars and Byzantine-influenced buildings.

Even now, when not laboring over a project, the two travel extensively, photographing and studying building details from around the world. Knowing that the next trip will yield new finds.

Our Philosophy

Bespoke. Timeless. Crafted.

Spaller Glover is a full service design/build firm with a strong history in Austin creating timeless residential projects with unparalleled attention to craftsmanship and design.

  • Full Design and Build Service
  • Full Construction Oversight
  • New Construction and Remodeling
  • Property Locating
  • Property Acquisition
  • International Services


We are in constant pursuit of unique solutions. Effort and thought goes into even the smallest of details – be it our selection of siding or pulls on the bathroom vanities, we provide that obsessive depth of design to each and every project. If it is a house we build for ourselves, for a client, or one of our speculative projects; we are all over every inch. We build with an intuitive sense of proportion and the conviction that each house should be appreciated and admired for generations to come.


My wife and I selected Spaller Glover Design Build to remodel our 1931 Travis Heights bungalow based on the homes they have built in our neighborhood.  We needed a builder who could do it all…including preserving the character of the original home, expanding the house both upwards and outwards,  creating an open concept with a logical interior flow, all while giving a nod to the period with traditional elements and finish outs.  Ivan and Priscilla took us from initial concept through the final product which exceeded our wildest expectations.  Every step along the way was a collaborative process which allowed us to participate as much or as little as we desired.  Most importantly, we were able to contribute to the ultimate layout and design and literally watch our vision become a reality.  I would recommend Spaller Glover to anyone who is looking for a truly unique and customized building experience with  whom has both an artistic eye and obsessive desire to see every painstaking detail addressed.  Ivan is genuine, pragmatic, and accessible even after they turn over the keys; which is rare in the industry.

—  Michael Casamassa


We dreamt of owning a home like the one Spaller Glover unknowingly created, just for us. Old world stone, iron wood bracings, surrounded by olive trees, marble appointments and graceful fixtures within. Like true artisans, they stand behind their work long after the yard signs are gone.

— John and Pamela Dial


Spaller-Glover built a new home for me in 2015, and I couldn’t be more happy with that decision.  Being in the real estate industry for over 20 years has made me keenly aware of the pitfalls that can happen during the building process, and with builders.  Rest assured, Spaller-Glover is one of the most scrupulous and trustworthy firms I’ve ever come across in the industry.  Couple that with their inventive international design and quality craftsmanship and you have the ideal combination for building the perfect home.  They are well versed in building anything from an ultra-contemporary home in Austin to restoring a 15th Century castle in Europe.  They can do it all!  I have no plans on ever selling my home, but if I did I would not hesitate to have them build my next one.

— Dave Van Hauven


SGDB designed and put in a new swimming pool at our home.   This was no simple job. The quarters were tight and we were anxious to get it done quickly and correctly. Ivan’s expertise shows in the work he does, that much is clear. We love our pool nad we’d happily call SGDB for our next job.

— Alex and Jamie W

Three years ago, our family decided to escape the frenzied life of New York City and seek out a better quality of life in Austin. An important part of this was discovering a unique Spaller+Glover design. Our first home was like a farmhouse straight out of Provence, and it immediately captured our imagination of what our new lifestyle would be. There were bespoke details such as grand, hand-crafted doors, custom shaped metal windows, whimsical window lintels, multiple arches at the entryway that led to thoughtful details throughout the house.

As out family needs changed, we decided to build a second house. We didn’t consider anyone else for the job. We knew Ivan and Priscilla would bring the right mix of art and practicality to build us a functional and whimsical house. We gave them our requirements and an assortment of photos with varying styles. They were somehow able to synthesize all the pieces and produce another stunning house that meets all our needs with a hybrid style that looks cohesive.

What really sets Spaller + Glover apart from other builders is the breadth of styles they can produce successfully—anything from rustic to ultra-modern to a castle. While this may be easier to do on an unlimited budget, they have figured out how to maximize style without hurting the budget. These are just two parts of the Spaller+Glover je ne sais quoi that other builders cannot duplicate.

— Dita and Anup K


I first met Spaller/Glover due; Ivan and Priscilla in 2010 when I purchased the residence known locally as Bouldin Castle from them; we have remained friends and I have called on their design expertise on many occasions since that time. Over the last few years I have expended the kitchen, added a large garage and apartment as well as 3 story library addition.

I would describe them as complete creative visionaries. They think outside the box, taking inspiration from medieval European castles, and transform those ideas into modern living spaces with a unique flair. I never cease to be amazed by their creativity. Bouldin Castle originated as a personal residence, totally unique to the area, and possibly the State.

Their designs and build enhance any residential neighborhood and urban area; which has been proven many times over in Austin. They are currently assisting on a residence at my home base in Nova Scotia- a 78 acre forested site fronting the North Atlantic. They have considered the details, flow and lay of the property and have developed what I consider to be a landmark and legacy design.   The project has just begun and I am thrilled.

The keys to their success is their enthusiasm and obsession for design excellence as well as their distinctive craftsmanship

— Rob Steele


My wife and I could not have been in better hands with Spaller Glove.   From the initial design, to the final finish outs; everything exceeded our expectations. Their creative input helped bring our vision to life. Ivan and Priscilla have always made themselves available whenever we had questions or needed assistance even after the build.

— Joseph Machado